Partner Coordinator

Auro Interface - Vadodara, Gujarat, India
1321 days ago
  • Consulting with, and as directed by, the Project Director:
  • Maintain open and fluid communication with Partners
  • Coordinate all Partnership and Consortium Member efforts
  • Work towards expanding and solidifying the Partnership and Consortium
  • When the Project Director has outlined a work plan, assist the Project Director in assigning duties and responsibilities to Partnership and Consortium Members
  • Coordinate activities of the Partnership, and assists the Project Director in coordinating activities of governmental organizations, private sector business interests, non-profit and educational institutions
  • Evaluate availability of Partnership commitments and maintain an up-to-date record of available in-kind resources for the various phases of project
  • Prepare status reports and communication packages for Partnership members
  • Prepare Partnership reports for presentation to SCI Executive Committee and the Partnership
  • Give periodic briefings / status updates to the SCI Executive Committee and the Partnership
  • Assist the Project Director on Partnership / project public outreach, press releases, public presentations of the work and web site development and content
  • Communicate the project’s purpose, value and importance to the Partnership and potential members in forums as needed.
  • Oversee in-kind commitments budget to maximize its usefulness in the planning process
  • Network with local, regional, state and national agencies; educational institutions; non-profit organizations; and private sector business interests for future program development in coordination with Partnership members
  • Act as the communications conduit to the Project Director to Partnership members
  • Shift Timing: 7.00 PM To 5.00 AM.

Full Time

Vadodara, Gujarat, India